My problem is that apparently eating certain foods and learning other languages is considered “appropriation”, but nobody minds when special snowflakes make a mockery of transgendered and transsexual people and/or issues by giving themselves special made-up pronouns and saying that they are really a school bus on the inside, or deciding they want to have a sex change just because they think it’s the cool and hip thing to do. Talk about stealing and misrepresenting an identity. At least learning Chinese enriches the mind and makes people more globally marketable; all this tumblr special snowflake bullshit does is make fun of those who are genuinely fighting for their rights and acceptance. There have been a few times when things I’ve seen on tumblr have made me think “if it’s so bad and they have so few rights, why do people want to be them so bad?” And that disgusts me because I’m supposed to be supportive of Trans-rights, and tumblr is making me question those convictions.




"When a man hits a woman, it’s abuse.
But if a woman hits a man, it’s not abuse because that power rightfully belongs to her.”

"There’s a reason it’s call manipulation.”

Im alI for feminism, I really am. But when I see posts like this under the feminism tag, I can’t help to get upset. Because this is not okay and its definitely not feminism. 

That’s not feminism, that’s a sociopath.

AKA, sociofeminism. I made up a new word.